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The world is always in need of new ideas and inventions.

James Crossley Eno’s is a rags to riches tale: he began selling the preparation in the 1850s as one of many at his pharmacy in Groat Market, Newcastle-upon Tyne. He developed an idea to improve the health of people by helping them deal with the digestive problems. It was inspired by sailors who used to overeat when they returned to port and suffered from acid indigestion. As they say:

It’s rare that a business will be successful if it doesn’t solve a problem.

James was determined to create a simple solution that could work in harmony with the body’s natural processes to relieve every kind of symptom caused by acid indigestion.

By 1876, sales of his fruit salt had grown to such an extent that he opened a factory at New Cross in London.

The location of his pharmacy in Newcastle, a busy seaport, was an advantage for him. Both sea-captains and sailors purchased his preparation as a safeguard “against sea-sickness, fever, and change of climate” for their journeys abroad.

Demands for supplies were gradually received from other retailers and wholesalers, both from surrounding counties and abroad. Demand grew to the extent that a small factory was established in Newcastle - and then the capacity of this was also exceeded.