What is Bizdom?

We coined Bizdom as an activity into The BIZness of wizDOM. Idea was always to talk about Stories and Trivia’s around business. Just that our word of Business includes Culture, Sports and Entertainment. This New version of TheBizdom will try to be a place for Past, Present and Future of Business, esp. Indian Business. It will the intersection between business and wisdom, between knowing more and interpretation of the world around us. Thus, Connecting The Known With The Unknown. As they say, Wisdom is what connects the known with the unknown, the real with the imagined.

We will try to bring you the Past/Latest insights in business, technology and wisdom. Since at time future has it’s own past and like all things, it began somewhere in time.

Who we are?

We started it as a Quiz Blog way back in 2005. On Bizdom, initially Quiz questions asked at various quizzes held in Pune B school campuses were posted, quiz enthusiasts read it all over India and that gave us encouragement to post more such content. Expanded from a single person’s timepass and at peak we were a team of 5.

As we all got busy with our love lives and corporate rat life. Quizzing and Blogging almost became a mundane activity.

Then Finally in 2018, after 11 failed attempts (in 12 years), our Mr. Born Moron (Sid) won the coveted title of National Winner of Tata Crucible. Soon, we published our first quiz book.

And, in the aftermath of Covid, Sid started giving a lot of unwanted Gyan on Twitter. Surprisingly, he got a decent audience, which forced him to make that a weekly affair. And, then the idea of collecting the same and expanding them further in a long form of post was demanded. That’s when we decided to have a web space for ourself.


Merchant, Market & Commodity. Why certain communities were rich, What makes them rich, and why certain location attracts them the most. How certain innvoations changed our world. “Nothing Comes from Nothing.” Everything in the world is in transition, changing continuously. Today’s opening was created by yesterday’s closing.’

We will try to explain these through Economic, Political, Social and Geographical factor. At the same time try to be sometime be little current with things related to stock markets and economic activities.

Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last virtue. We should always be eager to learn more, to know more about the world around us.

“We’re all storytellers here. We need stories to make sense of the chaos around us.”